Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

my package is missing!! Today I got the message, the notice, they do not know where it is. The content is a photo, for
Itsliquid – Galery Venezia, Biennale opening 2022. The package is still missing since the 5th of May. I deliver it to the post office,
after that day the package is never seen again.

It is the second time a state – company did not deliver my photos, and with the comment, it is lost. It is a unique photo print,

I wrote a personal notice on the photo. The same package takes three days, from the labor to print to my address, by the same

Perhaps if Itsliquid wants the next print I could manufacture it, but it is not the same! I am an artist and work as a journalist
so I send my photos worldwide. On the label, it is clear to read for Venezia biennale. This is not press freedom,
this is not art freedom, especially if the company told me it is in the Sonderbehandlung.

So I ask all this company to help me, to get the photo to the address or let me explain from the company where it is.  So as I like
to get compensation for this individual photo.

Thanks for helping me,
best regards,